Finding Ditman: The Glitch That Changed Resident Evil 4 Forever – Official Trailer | IGN Inside Stories

by nerdyminutes

Check out the trailer for Finding Ditman, the IGN Inside story about a mysterious gamer and his glitch discovery that changed Resident Evil 4 forever. Coming March 20, only on IGN.

15 years ago, a mysterious GameFAQs user called Ditman333 posted about a glitch he’d discovered in Resident Evil 4. The glitch allowed players to move 50% faster and since that day, the Ditman Glitch is the true essential tool for speedrunning Resident Evil 4.

Today though, there’s no evidence the post ever existed, and Ditman333 has since faded into mythical status. So, in a quest to learn the true story behind the glitch’s origin, there’s only one thing for it: It’s time to find Ditman.

This is the IGN Inside Story of Ditman: The mysterious gamer who changed Resident Evil 4 forever.

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