Raya Lucaria: Church of the Cuckoo (2/4) – Elden Ring Gameplay Walkthrough

by nerdyminutes

This Elden Ring gameplay walkthrough will show you how to find the Church of the Cuckoo and Schoolhouse Classroom Sites of Grace, as well as the secrets of the waterwheel and graveyard.

00:00 – Approach the Church of the Cuckoo
02:53 – How to get through the Raya Lucaria Graveyard
13:02 – How to use the Waterwheel
14:14 – Optional – How to Defeat the Alabaster Lord
16:11 – Optional – Descend the Waterwheel
18:52 – Optional – Under the Waterwheel

For our interactive map, dungeon walkthroughs and so much more, head to our guide on IGN.com.

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