Halo Infinite: 5 Open-World Activities You Can Do on Zeta Halo

by nerdyminutes

Halo Infinite is the most open-world Halo to ever exist. While its main missions are structured in a way that most Halo fans will be familiar with, you’ll have a lot more freedom to do what you’d like in between them. So if your curious how you’ll be spending your time on Zeta Halo, then look no further than this video!

Zeta Halo is home to all sorts of activities for you to take on. Story missions, Banished Strongholds, marine rescues, and FOBs are all areas of interest for Master Chief to take down or take control of. Unlocking these will outfit him with all sorts of upgrades such as valor points to unlock new weapons and gear to custom weapons dropped from high-value targets.

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