Spider-Man Trailer Secrets, Halo Infinite Multiplayer Drops, and More! | IGN The Weekly Fix

by nerdyminutes

Wanna catch-up on all the highlights from this week? Tune-in for your Weekly Fix – the only show packed with the recommended weekly dose of gaming and entertainment news!

00:33 – Halo Infinite Multiplayer Surprise Early Release
02:39 – GTA Trilogy’s Disastrous Launch
08:31 – PS5 Supply Shortage
10:40 – Halo Infinite Controversial Progression
12:10 – Riot Forge Announces Three League of Legends Spin-Offs
15:08 – Halo Live-Action Series Preview
17:02 – Obi-Wan Disney+ Teaser
19:41 – Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer Tries to Hide Spider-Men

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