Fortnite Updates: 18.30 Patch Adds Grapplers

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Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8 has ushered in an assortment of new weapons and items. Now Fortnite’s 18.30 Patch is offering more of the same in the form of Grapplers – a suction cup firing gun that flings players across the map.

Fortnite Update – November 2 Hotfix: The Icy Grappler

As of today, the Grappler returns to Fortnite. Fans of this classic item will be able to find them in various chests and such across the island. Once acquired, it’ll allow you to launch yourself forward by way of a suction cup projectile. Need to escape a losing fight? Just fire the Grappler at a structure in the distance and let its rope pull you toward wherever/whatever the suction cup attached itself to.

Fortnite's 3.37 Update for November 2 introduces a new exotic weapon called the Icy Grappler.

Fortnite’s 3.37 Update for November 2 introduces a new exotic weapon called the Icy Grappler.

Grapplers have always been fun to use in Fortnite. This was the case whether they were utilized as a quick escape tool or as a means of closing the gap between you and a fleeing opponent. This latest patch offers a new variant, the Icy Grappler, that may prove to be even more entertaining thanks to its ability to cover a player’s feet in ice.

This new Exotic weapon acts like the normal Grappler in that it’ll fling you about when fired at a given surface. The difference is that when you land, your feet will turn into blocks of ice, allowing you to quickly skate/slide for a few seconds. This added effect might make it hard to stop on a dime (if you’re trying to land on a platform) but will be beneficial when it comes to escaping a foe or a closing ring.

Thanks to the extra maneuverability, the Icy Grappler can be hard to find. Thankfully, it can be purchased from Fabio Sparklemane at the Apres Ski resort just southwest of Misty Meadows; it’s the place with the disco dance floor. Just hand over 400 gold bars and the Icy Grappler is yours.

The Grappler weapons are only available in the standard playlists, as they’ve been barred from competitive play for obvious reasons.

And that’s it for Fortnite’s latest update. Be sure to check back here for more Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8 patch notes!

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