Aussie Deals: Up to 92% Off Metal Gear and 84% Off Capcom Franchise Sales!

by nerdyminutes

I'm taking this opportunity to recommend a criminally under-loved game. Huntdown is now 50% off, it's a damn fine sidescrolling shooter, and it'll give you a purer cyberpunk fix than CDPR's recent efforts. (Extra bonus: the launch trailer for it was money.) Beyond that, I've spotted some terrific first-party PS games, an IGN GOTY going cheap on Xbox, plus a whole bunch of Resi and MGS gems in franchise sales. Get scrolling to get saving…

Notable Sales for Nintendo Switch

Purchase Cheaply for PC

Exciting Offers for XO/XS

Product Savings for PS4/PS5

Adam's an Aussie deals guy who foolishly showed his youngest son how effective Eddy Gordo is. He now complains about low-kicks @Grizwords.

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