Kristen Stweart Reveals Whether She’d Play Joker Opposite Robert Pattinson’s Batman

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Does Robert Pattinson as Batman make you think it’d be awesome to see him square off against his old Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart as the Joker? Well, don’t get your hopes up. In an interview with Variety, Stewart briefly entertained the idea but squashed hopes for her to ever inhabit the oversized shoes of the clown prince of crime.

The idea started with a social media campaign to cast Stewart alongside her old Twilight counterpart Pattinson, who stars as the titular dark knight in the upcoming The Batman film directed by Matt Reeves (Cloverfield, War for the Planet of the Apes).

“I love the energy behind that,” Stewart told Variety. “It’s really been done so well. I feel like, maybe, we don’t traipse over, but I love that gusto. Let’s figure something else out. I’m totally down to play a freaky, scary person.”

Stewart reiterated her opinion when asked again if that was a hard “no.”

“Not ‘no,’ but not the most stoked I’ve ever been. Let’s do something new,” Stewart said.

Stewart and Pattinson are certainly plenty far removed from their roots as Twilight’s breakout stars 13 years ago. Stewart’s most recent film, “Spencer,” casts her as the late Princess Diana during the crumbling of her marriage to Prince Charles. Her next project is David Cronenberg’s “Crimes of the Future,” which follows a performance artist in a world where humanity has evolved to develop new types of organs.

Meanwhile, Pattinson’s star has risen even further, landing him starring roles in Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, Netflix’s The King, and Robert Eggers’ The Lighthouse alongside Willem Dafoe.

As for The Batman, we’ll be seeing Pattinson square off against the Riddler and Colin Farrel’s Penguin, two of his oldest nemeses. We got a huge new look at the film during DC FanDome, including a new trailer.

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