Aussie Deals: Up to 80% Off Fallouts, Tomb Raiding, Just Causes and More!

by nerdyminutes

Three franchises that I dig got the discount chop today. The Fallout series probably needs very little introduction, so I'll simply use this space to recommend you score New Vegas at any cost (a pip over 4 clams). Not into the post-apoc or RPGs? Maybe get your action fix in Just Cause 4 or experience some of the most on-point reboots ever devised—Crystal Dynamics' do-over of Tomb Raider. The first two, at least, belong in a museum. They represent master-Croft-smanship.

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Adam's an Aussie deals wrangler who spends too much of his income on the bargains he finds. You can occasionally find him @Grizwords.

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