Konami Apologises for eFootball’s Early Problems, Promises Fixes

by nerdyminutes

Konami has released a statement in regard to feedback that it has received following the recent release of eFootball. The studio apologized to its fans before stating that it is committed to fixing the game.

In a tweet to the official eFootball Twitter account, Konami published an official statement surrounding the game during which it acknowledged reports from fans citing issues with a number of areas within the game.

“After the release of eFootball 2022, we have received lots of feedback and requests regarding game balance that includes pass speed and defence operation,” reads the statement. “We would also like to acknowledge that there have been reports of problems users have experienced with cut-scenes, facial expressions, movements of players and the behaviour of the ball.”

“We are very sorry for the problems, and want to assure everyone we will take all concerns seriously and strive to improve the current situation.”

The statement goes on to explain that fans should expect to see consistent updates beginning next week and that the development team will be sending out questionnaires to its users in order to gather further feedback. “We will do our utmost to satisfy as many users as possible, and we look forward to your continued support of eFootball 2022,” the statement concludes.

Following the game’s rocky release, we took a trip through eFootball’s Reddit page and social media hashtags to find out exactly what issues players were facing in the game. From our search, fans had highlighted problems with everything ranging from ghost free-kick takers to questionable refereeing decisions. With such a wide range of negative feedback being directed towards the game, Konami may find it has a difficult time winning some fans back around.

Prior to release, fans may have felt that some of the warning signs were there. Konami had previously told players that the game would essentially be launching as a demo and would lack a number of new mechanics, game modes, and player types. With all that additional content still to be brought into the game during eFootball’s Autumn update, it could be a testing time for Konami as they begin to work through a lengthy list of community feedback.

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