Marvel’s Next TV Series Is About an Incredibly Violent Monkey, and It’s Out Soon

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Marvel’s Hit-Monkey was given a release date, character details, and a teaser trailer in a press release on Monday. Hit-Monkey will premiere on Hulu on November 17, 2021. All 10 episodes will premiere at once, according to an article on

The series is created by Will Speck and Josh Gordon. The pair previously directed the Will Ferrell movie Blades of Glory and the Jason Bateman comedy Office Christmas Party.

Hit-Monkey is about Monkey, a Japanese snow monkey who teams up with the ghost of an American assassin named Bryce to battle the Yakuza. Monkey will be played by Fred Tatasciore and Bryce will be voiced by Jason Sudeikis.

Actors George Takei, Ally Maki, and Nobi Nakanishi will also be featured in the series along with Office Christmas Party actress Olivia Munn. Takei plays Shinji, an honest politician who used to be a servant that had to take up new responsibility after a tragedy. Shinji’s niece, Akiko, will be played by Munn. Akiko is the future Prime Minister of Japan who recently returned to Japan from the west with new, dark ideas.

Maki plays Haruka, a cop who recently came to Tokyo on a mission to clean up the city. Her partner, Ito, will be played by Nakanishi. Ito is described as the laughing stock of the Tokyo Police Department with a drinking problem to boot. But he’s the only one who believes Hit Monkey is on the good side.

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This is the fourth Marvel TV show to premire on Hulu following the MCU live-action series Runaways and Helstrom and the non-MCU animated MODOK. Hit-Monkey does not take place in the MCU.

Check out our list of evey upcoming MCU movie and TV show to keep track of the franchise. Other new animated TV shows coming from Marvel that also aren’t in the MCU include a Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur series for Disney Channel and a Baymax series for Disney+.

Marvel is currently airing the first season of the animated MCU series What If…? on Disney+. IGN’s review of the recent Killmonger What If…? episode said, “Michael B. Jordan’s return to the MCU as Killmonger succeeds thanks to a story that makes good use of the character’s strengths and skillset.”

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