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by nerdyminutes

In today’s episode, there’s rumors abound that Detroid: Become Human and Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream just signed a deal with Disney to make a Star Wars game. Keep in mind this is still a rumor, but according to Dualshockers, sources have confirmed that work has begun on a Star Wars project at the studio. Quantic Dream is best known for their narrative-based adventure games, like the award-winning Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain, and Beyond: Two Souls. There’s no details as to what genre this rumored Star Wars game would be—maybe another choice-driven game like Detroit? Or an action game like EA’s Jedi: Fallen Order? What are your theories? Let us know in the comments! And have you finished Deltarune: Chapter 2 already, and are ready for more? Developer Toby Fox has announced that the next three chapters of the game will be released at once time. Fox understands gamers’ frustration at having to wait a few years between chapters, so he’s hoping to give you the final parts in one big drop. Fox has also revealed that they won’t be released for free, like Chapters 1 and 2 were. Expect to pay a little more than what his previous game, Undertale, currently sells for—which is about $15. Today’s episode is brought to you by Movies Anywhere.

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